An idea born of honey

Thyme honey from Crete  is characterised by its unique amber colour, flavour and aroma. Rich in minerals, proteins, amino acids and B vitamins, honey is one of the most valuable foods while it provides energy to your brain and muscles.

Its smoothing texture, the subtle note of thyme & the highest quality make this product a flavoursome speciality.


An idea born of olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata, considered being one of the best in the world. Rich in Polyphenols,  vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids and acidity that stands below 0.36. Ideal for dishes with a unique intense flavor.

A delightful taste experience, pure, mild & juicy. A supreme olive oil of the highest type.


An idea born of salt

Our sea salt comes from the salt pans of the Aegean, on the island of Mytilene and its surrounding areas, known for the characteristic taste and high quality of their sea salt.It is collected seasonally following the traditional Greek methods.Handpicked sea salt crystals unrefined with no chemicals additives or flow improvers. Pure and natural in excellent quality, spices up your life.

Add a mouthwatering taste to your everyday meals & enjoy the unique natural flavour.


An idea born of butters

Our creams and butters are made of the purest ingredients,no sugar added (except one ;-P) , with smooth texture and a bit of crunchy detail, take your breakfast to a new level.

We bring our knowledge about agriculturally specialized microclimates to the world: Our ingredients from the smallest producers, hidden in the best known regions are of highest quality and taste.

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