An idea born of pistachio

Pistachios from our organic family-owned orchard in Aegina island, reknown worldwide as the capital of exceptionally well-tasting pistachios. Sustainably ripened and handpicked with love & care this superfood contains so much nutritional value that it boosts your immune system while being super-rich in texture & flavor.

Experience the taste of the aegean sun, pure & naturally grown. Feel the tradition in every nut & embark on a journey of unique organic flavour with us.


An idea born of honey

Honey, a man-made food; Food of the Gods.

In the ancient world –even from the Homeric Era- honey was considered one of the main foods and rightly so!

The Cretans were familiar with the beekeeping since the Minoan era (3400 BC) as well as with the beneficial properties of honey in a good diet.

From an 800-meters altitude thyme-field close to Chania, we bring you the Cretan Thyme honey, which is characterized by its unique amber color, taste and aroma. Rich in minerals, proteins, amino acids and B vitamins, honey is one of the most valuable foods while providing energy to your brain and muscles.

Its smooth texture, the delicate note of thyme and the highest quality make this product a delicious experience.



An idea born of olive oil

Greek extra virgin olive oil or “liquid gold” as described by Homer, produced in Kalamata, recognized worldwide as one of the best.

It is the protagonist of the Mediterranean diet and an invaluable nutritional treasure with numerous benefits for the human health. 

A more-than-pleasant tasting experience, pure, mild and juicy. A superb extra virgin olive oil of the highest requirements and standards



An idea born of salt

Natural, unrefined sea salt straight from the natural salt marshes of the Aegean, in Mytilene and the surrounding areas, known for the distinctive taste and high quality of their sea salt. Hand-collected seasonally , according to the thousand years old traditional Greek methods , solar dried,  without chemical additives or flow enhancers.

Add a delicious taste to your daily meals and enjoy the unique natural taste! 



An idea born of energy bars

FIVE TWENTY Greek energy bars, with a high nutritional value, and made of the best natural raw materials.
Without the addition of sugar, we have created a series of healthy to eat bars, using honey, a mix of various nuts, dried fruits, almond butter, and sesame!

Rich in fibers, B-Vitamins, folic acid, starch, and anti-oxidants.

We use only Greek honey, to ensure an intense taste and the uniquely sticky solid form of the bar. The bars come from the Isle of Evia in small batches, to ensure their freshness and wholesome energy goodness!

An ideal snack for kids in school, before, after, and during training or during an intense day, when that extra energy is much needed.



An idea born of butters

Our creams and butters are made of the purest ingredients,no sugar added (except one ;-P) , with smooth texture and a bit of crunchy detail, take your breakfast to a new level.

We bring our knowledge about agriculturally specialized microclimates to the world: Our ingredients from the smallest producers, hidden in the best known regions are of highest quality and taste.

gift-box logo

An idea born of gift ideas

A delicious idea for corporate gift to your colleagues and clients, a warm gift for your friends and family!

Surprise them with a box full of taste and aromas from Greece. 



An idea born of beer

FiveTwenty has created Greek handmade IPA beer, which is unfiltered & unpasteurised.
A high-quality beer with a unique taste profile! 

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