Our company started in 2014. An idea born out of love for nice food and the desire to enjoy tasty products with high nutritional value.

Fivetwenty deals with the production and distribution of high-quality products with unprecedented taste and freshness. Following the traditional path of Greek production and focusing on quality, we aim at sustainable development, innovation in the primary sector and distribution of Greek land’s products.

We are producers ourselves/ as well. Our nuts come from the fields of our fathers and our grandfathers in the island of Aegina, whilst our other products are carefully selected with care from small producers who can offer small quantities of high quality, making fivetwenty’s family bigger and bigger.

We offer the best to our clients with respect to the land of origin. Products of distinct flavor and high aesthetics who conform to the rule of sustainable development. Our goal is to provide you with high-leveled foodstuff and services, always with respect to the environment.

Human nutrition can be conceived as a perpetual searching for the perfect equilibrium, balancing between aesthetics and health. Local sustainable development of the primary sector and the building of a new image of Greece abroad are part of our goals. Being producers ourselves, we always give the first word to the producer and his work.

For these reasons, our company watches over all stages of production to ensure that our products be part of your shopping baskets. From production to harvest, selection and –finally- distribution, Fivetwenty Taste Experience states its permanent presence by establishing family and trusting relations both with our producers and our clients.

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